Day 14: One Sith

Day 14: One Sith

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137 years after the Original Trilogy, the galaxy is in chaos as a new iteration of Sith seek to exterminate the Jedi once more. This time though, the Rule of Two has been cast aside and the One Sith - led by Darth Krayt - are legion! Relentless warriors tattooed with markings indicating their devotion to darkness, among whose ranks include Talon, Stryfe, Nihl, and Maladi, these new Sith are a threat to the galaxy that only a Skywalker can hope to combat.
There are also a ton of alien Sith at this time, so I decided to illustrate the Quarren - those squid-looking aliens from Mando Season 2 - Sith Lord Maleval who is an absolute brute.


Media: Copic Marker, Pastel, Pen & Ink

Dimensions: 6 x 9 in. (Unframed)

Year: 2021